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Nearby Locations

Kaputaş Beach: from Kalkan 10 minute away is , Kaş on the the coast road to the mouth of the canyon is the beach. You can reach descend 187 steps to the beach Kaputaş. Water as a result of filtering from the sands of the seashore water flowing from the canyon and descend below the place is in general cool and turquoise colors.


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Patara Beach and the Ancient City: Patara Beach is located near the ancient city of Patara and is one of the largest and most beautiful beaches in the region. It is the longest of the beaches in Turkey and it is the most magnificent. It is 18 miles long. The depth of the sea reaches up to 200-300 meters in length. The sand is fine. The sea is shallow.


Saklikent Canyon: About 17 km in length, it is the longest canyon of Turkey 200 thousand years ago, it was formed by a sedimentation. Bey Mountains in the canyon that holds the spring water is a natural wonder seldom seen.

Xanthos Ancient City: The city of Xanthos is known as the most suffering city of history as well as its important characteristics. Historians write that the city was ruined or burnt down a great number of times, however, the new city was born from its ashes. 

Drowned City Kekova Ancient City: It is a rocky island to the west of Demre (Kale), on the shore of Lycia. This island was drowned under the sea as  a result of earthquakes and it was named as the drowned city. Close to this island, there are ancient cities of  Aperlai, Simena in Kaleköy, Theimussa in Üçağız and Istlada in Gökkaya bay. You can canoe and go on boat tours in a magnificient nature in Kekovaç 


Letoon Ancient City: It is a small settlement built across the city of Xanthos  on the right of Eşen creek to honor Leto, the mother goddess of Likya who is the mother of Apollon and Artemis. 


Islamlar Village : Although the village does not have the seaside, there are lots of restaurants in the green around the trout farms built in the ice cold waters. It can be chosen as a cool alternative in hot summer days and you can enjoy a breakfast with fried cheese, grape molasses and sesame oil accompanied by the magnificent view. 

Daily boat tours : You can experience the magnificent beauties of the Mediterranean with boats leaving from Kalkan Marina. With the boat, you can visit the Blue cave, Aquarium bay, Mudbath, Fırnaz bay, Sıçan and Yılan islands. 

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Water Sports

Famous Terrace Restaurants

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